US Open

Director(s) Karoline Burrall, Mike Malveaux, and Assistant
Eligibility All registered players
Open or Invitational? Open

Tournament Directors: Karoline Burrall, Mike Malveaux, and Assistant

Results: Results and pairings can be found in our tournament crosstabs

Game Reviews:
Round 1 Board 1 reviewed by Mingjiu Jiang 7P
Round 2 Board 1 reviewed by Maeda Ryo 6P
Round 2 Board 2 reviewed by Li Ting 1P and Maeda Ryo 6P
Round 3 board 1 reviewed by Jennie Shen 2P
Round 4 Board 1 reviewed by Jennie Shen 2P
Round 4 Boards 2 reviewed by Michael Redmond 9P
Round 4 Boards 3 reviewed by Michael Redmond 9P
Round 5 Boards 3 reviewed by Michael Redmond 9P
Round 6 Boards 1 reviewed by Huiren Yang 1P

Description: The US Open Tournament is a 6 round, Swiss-McMahon style tournament, with one round being played each day. The player with the highest score will be declared the new US Open Champion.

Registration: Attendees planing to play in the US Open MUST confirm their participation upon check-in to the US Go Congress. All changes must be made by 8:00 pm of registration day, or they will not apply to the first round. Late registrants will miss the first round.

Entry Level: All players who have an AGA rating are REQUIRED to enter at a rank consistent with their latest AGA rating. Exceptions to this rule will be allowed only with the explicit approval of the TD. Players who do not have AGA ratings must enter at a rank approved by the TD.

Byes: If you are registered to play but wish to skip any game of the tournament, be sure to request a “bye” from the tournament directors before 8:00 pm the day before the round you will miss. If you must miss a round, or leave the tournament before Round 6, please tell the TD as soon as you can. If a bye is not recorded ahead of time, and you miss your round, you will automatically forefeit the game.

Time Limits: For high Dan players (4 Dan and above), the basic time limit is 120 minutes. For all other players, the basic time limit is 90 minutes. If players with differing time limits meet, the longer allowance is used for both players. The overtime allotment will be 5 byo-yomi periods of 30 seconds each.

Sealed Moves: Sealed Moves can be used for Lunch breaks. If you have any questions, please ask a TD for assistance.

Handicaps: Most games are even; compensation to white (“komi”) is 7.5 points. In the lower Kyu sections, the TD will assign handicaps as appropriate to compensate players based on during-tournament ratings. Compensation to white in handicap games is 0.5 points.

Open Section: Players who wish to play in the Open Section must have an AGA rating of 7.0 or better, or the permission of the directors. The directors reserve the right to change the minimum entry rating of the Open Section based on the size of the tournament field.

Winners: Top players in each section according to McMahon scoring will receive prizes. The player with the highest McMahon score will be the new US Open Champion.

Award Sections: Award sections will be devided based the number of participants at each entering rank. Generally, each entering rank 9k and stronger is its own sections, with weaker sections consisting of players from one or two entering ranks.