Club Team Tournament

Director(s) Haskell and Rachel Small
Eligibility Registered players with 3 club members present
Open or Invitational? Open

Tournament Director: Haskell and Rachel Small

Description: Any go club can field three players as a team. Clubs may enter more than one team of three. Each match will be three against three, with full handicaps up to nine stones. The team that wins two or three games wins that round. The winner of the tournament will be determined by single team elimination. Sign up will close at 9pm on Sunday, July 31.

Schedule: One round will take place each day at 3pm. The number of rounds will be determined by the size of the turn out. Pairings each day will be posted on the kiosks. Players may choose to arrange to meet for their daily matches at any other mutually-convenient time, so long as they turn in the game results by 11pm each evening. Players should provide their (confidential) cell phone numbers to facilitate meetings.

Rating Criteria: If mutually agreed by players in a given game, players may submit the game to the self-paired tournament.

Time Limit: Time limit follows Self-Paired tournament rules (not US Open).

Winners: Winner will be determined through a single elimination tournament. First and Second place teams will be awarded prizes.