Self-Paired Tournament

Director(s) TBA
Eligibility All Players
Open or Invitational? Open

Tournament Director: TBA

Description: This is an on-going tournament. Registered players may play rated games with any other registered player at any time. Games should be reported by the players at Self-paired kiosks. Games should be appropriately handicapped, and should follow AGA rules. See the Congress Handbook for information about handicaps based on rating differences.

Rating Criteria: Tournament games are reported as rated at self-paired kiosks.

Time Limit: Minimum 30 minutes per player and five periods of fifteen second byo-yomi. Players may also mutually elect to not use a clock. There is no maximum time limit.

Handicaps: Handicaps as appropriate. These should be reported with the game result.

Winners: A number of awards will be given at the banquet for this tournament. Prize categories include:

Champion: Greatest excess of wins over losses
Hurricane: Greatest number of wins
Dan Killer (AKA the “Giant Killer): Kyu player who wins the most games against dan players
Kyu Killer (AKA the "Keith Arnold”): Dan player who wins the most games against kyu players
Grasshoper: Greatest rating increase during the tournament
Dedicated: The most games played
Sensei (AKA the “Teacher”): Most games against weaker players
Faithful: Smallest ratings change
Philanthropist: Most losses
Optimist: Largest rating decrease
Straight Shooter: The most victories against players of consecutive ranks (based on ranks stated on name tags).
For example, victories against a 3 dan, a 1 dan, a 1 kyu, a 2 kyu, and a 3 kyu would total a straight shooter score of 4.