Midnight Madness Tournament

Director(s) Martin Lebl
Eligibility All registered players
Open or Invitational? Open

Tournament Director: Martin Lebl

Description: It is a MAD MAD MAD MAD tournament. Still awake at midnight? Can’t sleep? Need to get in some rated games? Play Midnight Madness then. This is a rated tournament, and a night counterpart to the morning Open.

Registration: Sign-in is at 11:45pm daily, and the Madness begins at midnight.

Schedule: The Madness begins on Saturday night, and goes on every night until Friday night.

Time Limits: 45 minutes main time, 5 periods of 20 seconds byo-yomi.

Handicaps: Handicaps will be set appropriately by the TD.

Rules: Standard AGA rules will apply with Tournament Director settling any disputes, and TD’s word will be final. Tiebreaking will be done as SOS, SODOS, Head-to-Head, if it is necessary to tie break final standings.

Rating Criteria: All games will be rated.

Prizes: There will be four divisions with prizes and trophies for 1st and 2nd place in each. Divisions will depend on the number of people playing, and their strengths, so that number of players in each division is about even. Preliminary estimate is something like this: Division A – High Dan, Division B – Low Dan and Strong SDK, Division C – SDK, and Division D – DDK.