Strong Players' Open

Director(s) Karoline Burrall and Assistant
Eligibility All registered players 4 dan and above
Open or Invitational? Invitational

Directors: Karoline Burrall and Assistant

Results: Results can be found in our tournament crosstabs

Description: This tournament provides a forum for strong players ineligible for the North American Masters Tournament to compete in a high-level tournament in the evening. The Strong Players’ Open is a 16 person, 4 round Swiss tournament.

Qualification: All players must be rated 4 dan or higher.

Registration: All players must register before arriving at the US Go Congress. Email the tournament director at to express interest. The top 16 interested players will be registered by July 20, 2011. A list of registered players will be available online.

Handicaps: This tournament is an open tournament; there are no handicaps.

Time Limits: Each player has 90 minutes of main time with 5 periods of 30 second byo-yomi.

Prizes: The top finishers will be awarded prizes.