From tournament directors to the people who volunteer only a few hours at the front desk, we need your help. The Go Congress would not be possible without the dedication of dozens of volunteers. Please email the congress directors to volunteer at this year’s congress. Thanks!

Contact Us

Title Name Email Phone
Co-Director Paul Celmer paul@gocongress12.org
Co-Director Peter Armenia parmenia@earthlink.net
Registrar Arlene Bridges arlene@gocongress12.org
Treasurer Adam Bridges
Tournament Coordinator, Director of U.S. Open Karoline Burrall tournaments@gocongress.org
Transportation Manager Cynthia Gaty cynthia@gocongress12.org
Pro Coordinator I-Han Lui ihan@gocongress12.org
Assistant Pro Coordinator Russell Herman
Youth Room Coordinator Paul Barchilon paulb@gocongress12.org
VIP Services Vincent DiMattia vincent@gocongress12.org
Wednesday Tour Coordinator Cynthia Gaty
Social Club Coordinator Peter St. John peters@gocongress12.org
Day Hikes/Non-player meetings Julie Greenburg julie@gocongress12.org
Congress Help Desk Manager Arlene Bridges
Merchandise Coordinator Peter Armenia
Translator Owen Chen
Translator Akane Negishi
Translator Joshua Guarino
Translator I-Han Lui
Translator Richard Dolen
Translator Jeff Kuang
Website Bob Bacon
Website Jared Beck webmaster@gocongress.org