Die Hard Tournament

Director(s) Andy Olsen
Eligibility Registered players.
Open or Invitational? Open

Description. A 4-round, Swiss McMahon system, one-day tournament. Chinese counting will be used.

Registration. Sign-up/show up by 8:45 am. Late arrivals may be permitted at the discretion of the TD.

Time Limit. 45 minutes per player; 5 byo-yomi periods of 20 seconds each.

Handicaps. Most games are even; compensation to white (“komi”) is 7.5 points. In the lower Kyu sections, the TD will assign handicaps as appropriate to compensate players for being matched “out of band”, based on band difference, not rank difference. Compensation to white in handicap games is 0.5 points.

Winners. There will be prizes for each award band and an overall prize to the tournament winner. The award bands will be determined on the day of the tournament based on entries.