North American ING Masters

Director(s) Steve Burrall
Eligibility North American Professional or Amateur with required points accumulated in qualifying tournaments.
Open or Invitational? Invitational

Game Reviews
Round 1
Board 1 - Tianyu Lin
Board 2 - Tianyu Lin
Round 2
Board 1 - Yilun Yang
Board 2 - Yilun Yang
Round 4
Board 1 - Yilun Yang, Mingjiu Jiang, Maeda Ryo

The North American ING Masters (NAIM) Championship is the North American continental championship. The tournament will be a 16 person, 4 round no elimination Swiss tournament that will determine the North American ING Masters Champion. This tournament is invitation only, and participants are determined by qualification tournaments played over the six months before Congress begins.

Jianing Gan

Yongfei Ge

Nathan Harwitt

Zi Yang [Matthew] Hu

Kevin Huang

Tianyu [Bill] Lin

Zhi Yuan [Andy] Liu

Philip London

Andrew Lu

Eric Lui

Calvin Sun

Curtis Tang

Justin Teng

Yuan Zhou

Yixian Zhou

Aaron Ye