Bruce Lee Memorial

Category Non-Players' Activities
Price Free
Location 1554 15th. Ave. E. Seattle, WA
Date 2013-08-03
Leave 9:00 AM
Return 9:00 AM
Attendees 3

Bruce Lee (Lee Hsiao Lung), b. Nov. 27, 1940 - d. July 20, 1973, Founder of Jeet Kune Do. He was born in San Fransisco. Bruce moved to Hong Kong where he soon became a child star in the growing Eastern film industry. Bruce was a loner and was constantly getting himself into fights, with this in mind he looked towards Kung Fu as a way of disciplining himself. The famous Yip Men taught Bruce his basic skills, but it was not long before he was mastering the master. Yip Men was acknowledged to be one of the greatest authorities on the subject of Wing Chun a branch of the Chinese Martial Arts. Bruce mastered this before progressing to his own style of Jeet Kune Do. At the age of 19 Bruce left Hong Kong to study for a degree in philosophy at the University of Washington in Seattle. It was at this time that he took on a waiter’s job and also began to teach some of his skills to students who would pay. He met his wife Linda at the University of Washington. His Martial Arts school flourished and he soon graduated. He regularly gave displays at exhibitions, and it was during one of these exhibitions that he was spotted by a producer and signed up to do The Green Hornet series.

Directions: Turn left onto Pacific Ave S/WA-7.0.9 mi. Turn right onto 108th St S.108th St S is 0.2 miles past 112th St S. 0.07 mi. Merge onto WA-512 W toward I-5. 2.1 mi. Merge onto I-5 N toward Tacoma/Seattle. 40.1 mi. Take the Lakeview Blvd. exit, EXIT 168A. 0.1 mi. Turn left onto Lakeview Blvd E. 0.1 mi. Turn slight right onto Harvard Ave E.Harvard Ave E is just past E Blaine St. 0.2 mi. Take the 1st right onto E Boston St. If you reach E Lynn St you’ve gone a little too far. 0.4 mi. Keep left at the fork to continue on E Boston St. E Boston St becomes 15th Ave E. 0.3 mi. The Lakeview Cemetery, 1554 15TH AVE E is on the left.