Chinese Reconciliation Park****

Category Non-Players' Activities
Price Free
Location 1741 N Schuster Parkway, Tacoma, WA
Date 2013-08-03
Leave 9:00 AM
Return 9:00 AM
Attendees 3

The park design is a mixture of traditional Chinese scholar’s style gardens and beautiful natural waterfront setting. The Chinese Reconciliation Park is a 4 acre park that is located at the southern end of the 1.5-mile Ruston Way waterfront along Commencement Bay, and is in the proximity of the early Chinese settlement that was burned down during the tragic expulsion the Chinese people of Tacoma on November 3, 1885. Fuzhou Ting - The Fuzhou Ting, a 30-foot x 40-foot ornate pavilion, is a donation (including design, materials and construction assistance) from Fuzhou, China, one of Tacoma’s Sister Cities, in support of our Chinese reconciliation efforts. The Fuzhou Ting is located in Tacoma’s Chinese Reconciliation Park along the beautiful Ruston Way waterfront.