From tournament directors to the people who volunteer only a few hours at the front desk, we need your help. The Go Congress would not be possible without the dedication of dozens of volunteers. Please email the congress directors to volunteer at this year’s congress. Thanks!

Contact Us

Title Name Email Phone
US Open TD Karoline Burrall-Li tournaments@gocongress.org
Co-Director Chris Kirschner director2013@gocongress.org 206-579-8071
Co-Director Bill Camp director2013@gocongress.org
Registrar Sam Zimmerman registrar2013@gocongress.org
Publication Manager Lee Anne Bowie publications2013@gocongress.org
Local Registrar Judy Debel registrar2013@gocongress.org
On Site Communications Andrew Jackson communications2013@gocongress.org
Pro Coordinator I-han Lui procoordinator2013@gocongress.org
Systems Administration Bill Thompson billt@mahagonny.com
Calendar Bart Jacob bart.jacob@gmail.com