Children at the Go Congress

For any child under 18 years old, we must have a COMPLETED “Liability Release” form. The form must be signed by a parent of the child, and by the Guardian. Please make certain that any potential Guardian will be at the Congress on all of the dates that the minor child will be at the Congress. CHILDREN WITHOUT COMPLETED LIABILITY RELEASE FORMS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CHECK-IN. To get the form, copy this link to your browser: http://www.gocongress.org/docs/liability_release/USGC2013-Liability-Release.pdf

Congress Info

What is the Go Congress?

The US Go Congress is the largest go event of the year in the United States. This is the site of the US Open. Pro lectures, self-paired rated games, lightning tournaments, simultaneous games and many other activities take place during Go Congress week. Check out the Tournaments and Day-Off Activities for information about the events and go to the registration page to sign up for the Go Congress.

What is a Non-player?

A Non-player is a person who does not play Go, and has no plans to participate in any Go-related activities (no self-paired games, tournaments, simuls, professional lectures, etc.)

Where is Pacific Lutheran University, and how do I drive there?

For GPS users, the address of the Congress site is 12180 Park Avenue S., Tacoma, WA. 98447. For those coming by car, use exit 127 on I5 and go East on SR 512 toward Puyallup. Take the WA-7/Pacific Ave. exit toward Parkland/Spanaway/Paradise. Turn right onto 122nd St S. Turn right onto Park Ave S. 12180 PARK AVE S is on the left.

Interstate and U.S. Highways

The PLU folks have put up a webpage with driving instructions: (http://www.plu.edu/admission/first-year/visit-plu/directions.php)

Air Travel

Seattle-Tacoma Airport is a major international airport, and it is close to PLU. Travel time from the airport is about 45 minutes.

How do I get from the Airport to the Congress site?

The ride from the airport to Pacific Lutheran University (PLU), the Congress site, takes approximately 45 minutes.

If you arrive:

  •    **EARLY** (before 10:00 AM Saturday, August 3rd), you can take

    a taxi or van (Shuttle Express) to PLU. These services are located on Level 3 of the parking garage. If you are traveling in a group of at least two people, your easiest and maybe cheapest way to get to Pacific Lutheran University is via taxi.

  •    **BETWEEN 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM**, Saturday, August 3, the 

    same choices apply. In addition, we will have a table and sign at Door 12 near baggage carousels 7, 8 & 9. There will be a Go board, and Congress staff there. They will help get a full load for the shuttles and will guide you to the Shuttle Express Desk in the parking garage.

  •    **LATE** (after 6:00 PM Saturday, August 3), you can take a 

    taxi or van (Shuttle Express) to PLU as described above for EARLY arrivals.

The price for Shuttle Express depends upon the vehicle they have available and the number of people they transport in one load to one location.

If you want more information about travel options from the airport to PLU, visit https://www.portseattle.org/Sea-Tac/Parking-and-Transportation/Ground-Transportation/Pages/default.aspx

Note: Shuttle Express allows one child age 17 or under to ride for free for each paying adult.


Parking is available on-street and on-campus. Parking is free, and permits are not needed, for almost all of the campus parking lots. The exception is that we may not park in the Hauge Administration Building lots.

Can I arrive early or stay later than Congress dates?

Yes, accommodations are available for early arrival and late stays up to one day before or two days after– if you plan ahead! Please contact the registrar (registrar2013@gocongress.org) as early as possible if you need early arrival or late stays as the room must be reserved through the registrar. Additional charges may apply.

What do I do when I arrive? How do I check in?

If you arrive on Saturday, Aug.3, Check-In counters will be open in the main entry of Anderson University Center. Check-In starts Saturday August 3 at 9 am.

If you arrive BEFORE Saturday, Aug. 3, please go to the Concierge Desk inside the main entrance of Anderson University Center to get room keys. If Anderson University Center is locked, contact the On-Call-Manager at 1-253-666-5296. You are still required to go through Check-In at the Go Congress Check-In counters on Saturday, Aug.3.

If you arrive AFTER the Congress Check-In counters are closed, please go to the Concierge Desk inside the main entrance of Anderson University Center to get room keys. If Anderson University Center is locked, contact the On-Call-Manager at 1-253-666-5296. The next day, contact Judy Debel(Local Registrar) or Peter Kron (Treasurer) to complete Check-In.

CHECK-IN IS REQUIRED FOR EVERYONE, even if you already have room keys or are a non-player!

What is the refund policy?

The 2013 Go Congress will provide full refunds less a $50 processing fee and all credit card fees until July 1, 2013. After July 1st, a $75 processing fee and all credit card fees will be deducted from the refund.

What is the Privacy Policy?

The information you provide here will not be distributed to any other party.

What are the facilities like?

The available rooming options on site at PLU come in two varieties - APARTMENT STYLE and DORM STYLE

Apartment Style rooms are very limited, and will be apportioned on a first come, first served basis. The apartment style rooms have private bedrooms with shared bath and a kitchen. A quad, for example has four bedrooms, two baths, and a kitchen.

Dorm Style rooms have one or two beds in each room with a bath down the hall. There is a communal kitchen and communal lounge spaces.

What about meals?

The meal plan is included with all rooms on campus. If you are staying off site, individual meals may be purchased at the cafeteria, or you may buy the meal plan if you plan to eat all meals at the cafeteria. Email the registrar about purchasing the meal plan separately (registrar2013@gocongress.org).

What is the weather like in August?

The average high temperature for this area of Washington for the week of August 4 through 11 is in the 70’s (20’s Celsius).

What is the alcohol policy?

PLU is a dry campus. However, there is one dorm (South Hall) that will allow alcohol in its lounge area. In addition local businesses ensure that you will only have to walk a few steps off campus to find a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol.

What is the smoking policy?

PLU is a smoke-free campus. Smoking is not permitted.

Wednesday Tour Sign-up and Payment

If you already signed-up for a Wednesday tour, you must pay in full on Sunday, August 4, in person, in the lobby of Anderson University Center during the hours of 1pm and 5pm to reserve a place on the tour.

Online sign-up has ended. If you have not already signed up for a Wednesday tour, you may do so in person on Sunday, August 4, in the lobby of Anderson University Center during the hours of 1pm to 5pm. Payment must be made at that time to reserve a seat on the bus.

What's Happening

Teacher’s Workshop is a new feature at the Go Congress this year.

The Teachers Workshop planned for this year’s U.S. Go Congress has attracted the attention of the Korean Baduk Association, which is sending two Korean pros who are recognized experts in teaching techniques, to add to the program. “They are very enthusiastic about supporting go education in America,” says Myungwan Kim 9P, whose diplomacy made the visit possible. The Koreans are particularly interested in sharing their techniques for bringing youth players into the low single-digit kyu level within a year or two. “Our curriculum this year is aimed at those teaching absolute beginners,” says workshop coordinator Bill Camp. “The Korean expert teachers will allow us to expand the program to include those who want to teach at a higher level.” Enthusiasm for the workshop is much higher than expected, according to Congress co-director Chris Kirschner, who reports that “16% of Congress attendees thus far have registered for the workshop. We aren’t planning on turning anyone away, but we do want people to sign up early so we can plan the workshop sessions to fit the number and types of people attending.” –

Go Congress to issue AGA Rank certificates at the Congress.

The first ever AGA Rank certificates will be presented at the Go Congress this year. This addition to AGA membership benefits has been on the back burner for years (by some reports about 35 years). The full implementation, which will be automated with the rating and tournament reporting system, may not be ready at that time. However, President, Andy Okun has looked at reports of the winners at the US Open, and determined that those who place in the top three in their band (top 6 in the open section.) in that event hold (or exceed) the rank they played at virtually all the time. (Well over 90% for the statistically inclined.) Okun said, “That is good enough for us to jump start the program with certificates based on placing at least third in your band.”

When programming to automate the process is completed later this year, people who meet the standard for their next rank will receive an email notifying them of their achievement, and a PDF certificate which they can print for themselves. Fancier certificates – and plaques, suitable for framing, will be available at a reasonable cost. “This is an exciting addition to the tournament scene.” says Karolin Li, AGA National Tournament Coordinator. “Since the only way to get the certificate is to compete in AGA tournaments, we are expecting more, and larger tournaments.”