Teachers' Workshop

Teacher's Workshop

This year we will have a workshop for people who are interested in teaching others to play go. The workshop will be a total of 8 hours spread over 6 days, with a variety of sessions aimed at different aspects and levels of teachin. It will cover all aspects of teaching beginners, and getting community based teaching programs going. Those who complete the workshop will get a certificate, and a $50 rebate on their Congress registration fee.

This project will launch a new AGA/AGF program to provide teachers with a certificate that will identify them as officially recognized AGA Go Teachers. We are currently working to obtain recognition from the Korean Baduk Association as well.

The AGF has provided us with a generous grant, which allows us to offer the rebate of $50 for Congress attendees who complete the workshop.

This first workshop will concentrate on teaching beginners in a variety of settings ranging from drop by’s at a street fair to a series presented in a school, library, or community center.

Space is limited, so if you are interested, please download the application, complete it and return to teacher2013@gocongress.org.