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AGA Rank Certificates will be given for the first time

Go Congress to issue AGA Rank certificates at the Congress.

The first ever AGA Rank certificates will be presented at the Go Congress this year. This addition to AGA membership benefits has been on the back burner for years (by some reports about 35 years). The full implementation, which will be automated with the rating and tournament reporting system, may not be ready at that time. However, President, Andy Okun has looked at reports of the winners at the US Open, and determined that those who place in the top three in their band (top 6 in the open section.) in that event hold (or exceed) the rank they played at virtually all the time. (Well over 90% for the statistically inclined.) Okun said, “That is good enough for us to jump start the program with certificates based on placing at least third in your band.”

And so we shall.

Bob High Song and Poetry Contest

This will be the 20th edition of this contest honoring the many contributions of Bob High to the AGA and Go Community both in terms of organizing, and the writing of so many of the songs in the AGA Song book. And the complete parody of “The Mikado”, written as “The Honinbo”.
See Act 1 and Act II
The contest rules are liberal. Directed by Chris Hlavka this year – and volunteer judges are always needed. One of the most enjoyable tasks at the Congress each year. Contact Chris at the Congress. If you are unable to attend the Congress, you may submit entries to director2013@gocongress.org

Pentathlon -- Five events rolled into one.

Pentathlon competition added to the competitive opportunities at the Congress__

This is for the truly dedicated competitors. The five events will be: the US Open, 9x9, 13x13, lightning, and self paired. See scoring scheme and rules here If you would like to TD this event, please contact us at director2013@gocongress.org.

Teacher's Workshop expanded by Korean specialists

Teacher’s Workshop – New at this Congress

Note: application is required. This first workshop will concentrate on teaching beginners. See the full curriculum here. However, Korean pros are coming to teach about teaching all Kyu level players. (See below). So our curriculum has been expanded. If you are interested, Please download the application, complete it and return to teacher2013@gocongress.org.

The Teachers Workshop at the 2013 Go Congress has attracted the attention of the Korean Baduk Association through the diplomacy of Myungwan Kim 9P. “They are very enthusiastic to support Go education in America,” says Mr. Kim. They are expressing their enthusiasm by sending two Korean pros who are recognized experts in teaching technique to add to our program. They are particularly interested in sharing their techniques for bringing youth players into the low single digit kyu level within a year or two. Workshop coordinator Bill Camp says, “Our curriculum this year is aimed at those teaching absolute beginners. The Korean expert teachers will allow us to expand the program to include those who want to teach at a higher level.”

Enthusiasm is much higher than expected. 13% of Congress attendees as of July 8 have registered for the workshop, too. Please send in your registration application so we can plan the sessions to meet your needs.

Youth Program

US Go Congress Youth Program With pro instruction, exciting events and around 100 young players, The Congress Youth Program is the event of the year! Starting with a special pizza party on Saturday, the Youth Program features daily instruction from top pros and events every afternoon in a “youth-only” room – everyone under 18 gets special attention. Kids and teens also get to play in the US Open every morning and participate in other lessons and special events in the evening. All youth to age 18 can attend the Congress Youth Program. Scholarships are available from The American Go Foundation and as prizes in The US Youth Go Championship.