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Contest Winner

June is here, and with it comes the end of our contest! Throughout May, anyone who sent us the correct solution to the Go problem featured in our logo was entered for a chance to win $50 off their Congress registration.

The problem proved difficult for many, while others were already familiar with it from books or lessons. It’s a famous Chinese problem titled 明珠出海, which translates to “Pearl Emerging From the Sea”. The goal is simply to make white escape into the center of the board.

25 players submitted their solutions. Of those, all but one answered correctly.

Without further ado, the one lucky winner is…Shigeo Hidaka 2d! Congratulations, Shigeo, and thank you to everyone who submitted their solution!

One possible solution is shown at the right. There are other slight variations to the solution that are also acceptable.

Couldn’t solve it? Practice hard before August!


New York is an expensive city, but we’ve worked hard to keep it affordable. Since this year’s Congress is in a different kind of venue, there are a few differences from previous years.

This year there is no meal plan provided; instead, players will be free to explore the many local restaurants of all kinds and at all prices. Locals say you can eat reasonably “off the street” easily for less than $30/day.

Since the Congress is in a hotel this year, there are no dorm-style rooms available. We’ve negotiated extra low prices for guests staying in the hotel. Coming to Congress in a typical room with two beds will run around $1100 per person (including Congress registration), and there are lower-cost options for the more budget-conscious. You are allowed to have extra people in a room, so groups who are willing to share a room with more people than beds can cut costs significantly.

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Less than a week to Go!

August is fast approaching, and with it, the US Go Congress!

There are still many rooms available at the Hotel Pennsylvania, but time is running out. July 15 was the deadline to reserve the lowest hotel prices for Congress attendees. We are unable to guarantee room availability or prices at this point, so please inquire directly to the registrar and then to the hotel for last minute accommodations.

New Logo Contest

The US Go Congress has a brand-new logo, and to celebrate, we’re holding a contest!

All registered players who submit a complete solution to the Go problem features in the logo will be entered into a pool, and one lucky winner will be chosen at random to win $50 off their Go Congress registration fee. Solutions must be emailed to registrar@gocongress.org before the end of May.

The logo was designed by Michael Samuel, a Go player and graphic designer whose work includes logos for The History Channel, Sears, Hillary Clinton, and both the Seattle Go Center and the New York Go Center. It features a very old Go problem. When placed on a larger board (sorry, the logo just didn’t have the size to accommodate a full 19x19 board!), the goal is for white to break through the 5 surrounding black stones and escape into the center. At first glance it may seem impossible, but don’t give up!

Good luck!

New York, New York!!

Get ready for the Big Apple US Go Congress!!!

The Congress has never before been in a place so close to so much! This year will be right in midtown Manhattan, just a stone’s throw away from landmarks like the Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden. You will be playing on the 18th floor of the world famous Hotel Pennsylvania just across the street from Penn Station. Times Square, Bryant Park, Grand Central Station, and Korea Town are all within 5 to 15 minutes on foot, and the subways will easily get you anywhere in the city.Vista aérea de Times Square desde el Empire State Building

US Open results

Congratulations to Mark Lee for winning the US Open Masters Division with a perfect 9-0 record!

Congratulations as well to the nine undefeated players in the US Open: Fan Chen 6d, Yukio Ishiyama 1d, Gilbert Feng 1d, Erik Brummelkamp 4k, Adam Jiang 7k, Matthias Kramm 9k, Ann Wu 10k, Mark Nahabedian 13k, and Gary Smith 24k.

For complete results, see the US Open Crosstabs and US Open Masters Division crosstabs.

We hope to see you all next year in St. Paul, Minnesota!