Frequently Asked Questions

My credit card was rejected. What can I do?

Sometimes credit card companies will reject a payment because they think it’s unusually large and might be fraudulent. There are a few possible ways to work around this:

  1. Call your credit card company and pre-authorize the payment.
  2. Try a different credit card.
  3. Pay by check instead of credit card. Please contact registrar@gocongress.org if you’re interested in paying by check.
    How should I submit the liability release form for my child to attend Go Congress?

Every child under 18 needs to have a responsible adult on-site. This adult can be a parent or anyone the child’s legal guardian chooses. Please download the form here, fill it out and sign it, and email a scanned copy to registrar@gocongress.org. If the attending adult is not the child’s legal guardian, both the legal guardian and the attending adult will need to sign the form.
I get an error message when I try to add my name as a child’s guardian. What can I do?

You need to register yourself as an attendee before registering your child. Then when you register your child, as you type your name you’ll see a list of matching names appear. Click your name in the list, and submit the form. If you still have problems, please contact registrar@gocongress.org.
Can I attend the Go Congress for only one or two days?

Yes. Please select our “one-day pass” option for whichever days you’d like to attend. If you’re not certain which days you’ll attend yet, don’t worry; you can change your choice later.
Do you offer a meal plan?

We offer optional discounted meal vouchers for a nearby buffet-type New York-style café called Café R, located at 116 W 32nd St (across from the 32nd Street Hotel Penn Entrance).

Individual vouchers can be purchased for $11, and sets of three (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) for $31. You can buy as many as you need, and they’re good for the entire week of Congress. In this way, you can have a convenient meal plan while still having the flexibility to explore New York’s many dining options nearby.

The following meal choices are available through Café R.

Breakfast, All American Traditional Buffet - Hot & Cold (Limit 1 lb per person) Scrambled Egg, Scrambled Egg with Veggies & Ham, Bacon, Turkey Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Turkey Sausage, Sausage Links, Sausage Patties, Home Fries, Bagels, Pancakes, French Toast, etc. Also includes a choice of your choice beverage of Coffee, Tea, Fresh Orange Juice, 16oz. Fountain Drink or 16oz Bottle of Poland Spring Water.

Lunch and Dinner, Hot and Cold Salad Bar or from Grill (Limit 1.5 lbs per person) Anything from the Hot and Cold Salad Bar, or any choice of cooked meal from the grill including Pizza, Chicken, Burgers, Pastas, Mediterranean, Korean, Chinese Soups, Teriyaki, Udon Noodles, Sushi, Tossed Salad, Mexican, Sandwiches, etc. Also Including a choice of 16oz. Fountain Soda, or 16oz Poland Spring Water.

Please refer to your handbook for suggestions on alternate dining locations or feel free to ask a Congress staff member if you have questions.
What is your refund policy?

We offer full refunds for registration fees up until August 7. For hotel rooms, we offer refunds up to 3 weeks before the start of Go Congress. Please contact registrar@gocongress.org if you need to cancel your pans and request a refund.
What is the best way to get to the Hotel Pennsylvania from the airport?

Regardless of which airport you arrive at, there are plenty of transportation options to our venue. For those of you coming from John F. Kennedy/JFK or LaGuardia/LGA airports, one option ($16 per person) is the Penn Station bound New York City run NYC Airporter shuttle. You will need to get off at the Bryant Park stop and transfer once to a free shuttle service between Bryant Park and Penn Station; round trip ticket holders can be brought directly to the hotel on this shuttle. Both buses have fancy Airporter artwork stenciled all over them and should be easy to find - more details can be found and reservations made here.

For those of you travelling from Newark/EWR airport, rail is an option. For full details, be sure to use the Trip Planner tool located here - you will want to exit Penn Station near 7th Avenue for the shortest walk.

Reservations can also be made for a shared shuttle service from Newark. An example is GO AirLink NYC - our venue is listed as Pennsylvania Hotel.

Be advised that the Newark Airport Express does not stop at Penn Station. The previously mentioned NYC Airporter shuttle should NOT be ridden from Newark airport as it only provides transfer to JFK airport.

And of course, you may also take a yellow taxi from any airport to Hotel Pennsylvania. From New York airports, you’ll be charged a flat rate ($54 plus tolls). From Newark airport, you’ll be charged a metered fare ($50-$70).

Some additional details can be found on the Hotel Pennsylvania website.

We are a short walk from New York Penn Station.
What is the schedule for the Go Congress?

See our calendar of events.