If you'd like to participate in these tournaments, please register as a player. Non-players may observe only.

Name Open? Director(s) Eligibility
13x13 Tournament Open Jim Hlavka All
9x9 Tournament Open Joshua Lee All
Die Hard Tournament Open Will Lockhart Open
Lightning Tournament Open Keith Arnold All
North American Pair Go Championship Open Todd Heidenreich All
Pandanet City League Finals Invitational Steve Colburn Pandanet-AGA City League Qualifiers
Self Paired Open TBA All
US Open Open Chris Sira Open to all players
US Open Masters Division Open Chris Sira and Boris Bernadsky 7-dan, pro, or NAMT qualifiers
Women's Tournament Open Lisa Scott All women and girls
Youth 13x13 Open Fritz Balwit Youths under 18
Youth 9x9 Open Fritz Balwit Youths under 18
Youth/Adult Pair Go Open Paul Barchilon One player must be youth, the other adult
Youth Lightning Open Fritz Balwit Youths under 18