Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the US Go Congress?

Several hundred Go players from around the world come together once a year at the US Go Congress to play serious and casual games, to learn from stronger players, to teach weaker players, and to renew friendships. Professional Go players from the US and several foreign countries give lectures, analyze games for attendees, play simultaneous games against attendees, and participate in the top tournaments. The US Open tournament is for everyone consisting of 6 rounds over 6 days on most mornings. On Wednesday, the official Day-Off, attendees can sign-up for a field trip to local points of interest, or stay on campus and play in the 4-round Die Hard tournament.

What is the facility like this year?

The University of St. Thomas is a liberal arts, comprehensive regional university affiliated with the Catholic Church serving about 6,000 undergraduate and about 4,000 graduate students. The St. Paul campus is located in a quiet, residential neighborhood near the Mississippi River which serves as the border between Minneapolis and St. Paul. Most Congress activities will take place in the beautiful, new Anderson Student Center. There are walking and biking paths on both sides of the nearby Mississippi River, and Summit Avenue “remains a well-preserved example of a Victorian residential boulevard”.

What else is there to do in the Twin Cities?

What time should I arrive and leave?

Most people will arrive on Saturday afternoon, Aug 1, and leave on Sunday morning, Aug 9, after breakfast. Registration will be open starting at 10:00 am on Aug 1.

Can I arrive early or stay later than Congress dates?

Campus housing might be available before the Congress. If you are interested, please send an email to registrar@gocongress.org.

How do I get to the Congress?

The Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport (MSP) is about 20 minutes away from the UST campus. Taxi and shuttle service will be available for a small fee. A taxi ride for one person should cost about $22 plus tip. Two or three people can share a taxi and split the fee. It is also possible to make a reservation for a shuttle.

Can I attend the Go Congress for only one or two days?

Yes. Please select the “One-day Player” option and the days that you would like.

What if I’m not currently an AGA member?

All Players at the US Go Congress must be current members of the American Go Association. (See Non-player below.) If you are not a member, please visit the AGA website and join before coming to the Congress. Click on “Membership”, then “Join Now!”. If your membership has lapsed, please visit the website and renew your membership. If you’re not sure about your membership status, look here.

The first step in registering at the Congress will be to verify your membership status. To avoid any extra delays, take care of this ahead of time.

What should I put for my rank?

In most cases you should put your current AGA rating. If you don’t know your AGA rating, go to the AGA website and click on “Ratings” or “AGA Go Database”.

If you don’t have an AGA rating but do have one from a different organization, please consult the Sensei’s Library for some guidance.

What is a Non-player?

The Non-player registration is intended for parents, guardians, spouses, siblings, and vendors. A Non-player may not play in any tournaments or play in simuls against a Pro.

What is required for a youth age 17 or younger to attend the Congress?

Every youth age 17 or younger needs to have a designated adult on-site who is also registered attendee at the Congress and agrees to watch over the youth and be responsible for their behavior. This adult can be a parent, other legal guardian, or someone assigned to be the “Attending Guardian” at the Congress. A parent or legal guardian must fill out and sign the Youth Attendance Agreement, and submit it before or during Congress registration. If an Attending Guardian is used, that person must also sign the form to acknowledge responsibility.

Please download the form by clicking on the link above, print a copy, and have a parent or legal guardian fill it out and sign it. To submit the Agreement before Congress, scan the signed Agreement and email it to registrar2015@gocongress.org.

What are the housing options?


Dowling, Brady and other residence halls are non-air-conditioned traditional dorm rooms with sleeping rooms and a shared hallway bathroom. A common area cable TV lounge, laundry facilities, and vending machines are located in all residence buildings.

Deluxe Double

Deluxe Double rooms are located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Murray Hall and provide air conditioned lodging in private double occupancy rooms. Common areas include a study lounge, TV/recreation area, kitchen and laundry facility. Murray Hall rooms are large, one-room bedrooms shared by two people. Each room has a private bath. Provided in the room are desks and desk chairs, dressers, closet space and wardrobes. All furniture is moveable and a microwave/ refrigerator unit is provided in each room. Two twin-sized beds with linen packets are provided.


The apartments are located at 2151 Grand Avenue, less than two blocks from campus. Each air conditioned apartment contains two bedrooms with two twin beds each; one full bathroom; full kitchen (no utensils); and living room.


Flynn and Morrison Halls provide air-conditioned apartment style living with each unit containing a kitchenette, four single occupancy sleeping rooms, two semi-private bathrooms, living room furniture, and has wireless Internet access. Each sleeping room consists of a twin-size bed, linens, and normal residence hall furniture. Kitchenettes do not have utensils but do include a full size refrigerator, microwave and stove. A key opens both the suite entrance and one of the sleeping rooms.

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Housing prices

In all cases the price listed is per person.

Housing check boxes

If you would like a bed for all eight nights of the Congress, be sure to check all eight boxes or use the “set all” feature. If you are arriving late or leaving early, only check boxes for the nights you want a bed. If you are staying in any campus housing, be sure to also check the Key Deposit option.

What are the fees for parking?

Parking is free for all attendees.

What are the meal plan options?

The meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the campus dining hall from dinner on Saturday, Aug 1, to breakfast on Sunday, Aug 9, excluding dinner on Saturday, Aug 8, when there will be an Awards Banquet paid for separately.

What happens at the banquet?

The awards banquet on Saturday, Aug 8, wraps up the week with a wonderful, sit-down meal, an awards ceremony, and other entertainment.

My credit card was rejected. What can I do?

Sometimes credit card companies will reject a payment because they think it’s unusually large and might be fraudulent. There are a few possible ways to work around this:

What is the refund policy?

Before July 15th the Congress will provide a full refund to you minus any credit card fees (approx 3%) that we have to pay and minus a $50 Congress processing fee. Refunds after July 15th may be possible, but will require authorization from a Congress Director.

What is the weather like in August?

In early August the average high is 83 F (28 C) and the average low is 63 F (17 C). Often it will be bright and sunny with moderate humidity. But we could also have highs in the 90s with high humidity, or a few days of rain. So come prepared.

What athletic facilities are available?

There is a grassy lawn nearby for the daily pick-up soccer game at 4 pm. Attendees may purchase a pass to the athletic cardio room, weight room, and lap pool for $10.77 per day. There is a bike rental station near the campus where you can rent a bike for a few dollars and explore the Twin Cities on two wheels. And there are very nice walking and jogging trails along the Mississippi river.

What internet access is available?

The entire UST campus provides Wi-Fi internet access at no additional cost.

What is the alcohol policy?

Adults 21 and over may drink alcohol responsibly in their private room.

What is the smoking policy?

UST is a smoke-free campus. Smoking is not permitted.