Die Hard

Location Woulfe Alumni Hall
Director(s) Andy Olsen
Eligibility All
Open or Invitational? Open

Die Hard Tournament Location Woulfe Alumni Hall Time Wednesday / 9am - 4pm Elegibility Open to all players Director Andy Olsen

The Die Hard is a one-day, 4-round, rated tournament ideal for people who can’t get enough go the rest of the week and those who cannot attend Congress for the whole week.

Registration: Players can sign up on Wednesday before the start of the tournament, or with signup sheets at the registration desk beforehand. Early registration is encouraged. Players must register by 8:30 am in order to play in the first round. Pre-registrants must check in by 8:45 in order to play in the first round.

Schedule: Round 1 9:00am; Round 2: 11:00am; Round 3: 2:00pm; Round 4: 4:00pm

Time Limits: 30 minutes main time with 5 overtime periods of 30 seconds each.

Handicaps: Most games are even. In the lower kyu sections, the TD will assign handicaps as appopriate based on rank difference.

Rules: AGA rules will be used. Komi for white is 7.5 points.