North American Pair Go Championship

Location Woulfe Alumni Hall
Director(s) Todd Heidenreich
Eligibility All
Open or Invitational? Open

This is a team tournament with teams made up of one male and one female. The players may not consult with each other during the game. Formal or semiformal dress is encouraged.

Registration: Registration is available at check in and in the registration area until Wednesday, August 5th at 11 pm. All teams must include the name of the male and female player by the time registration closes.

Time Limits: 45 minutes per team, no overtime.

Eligibility to compete at top table: • One year continuous AGA membership (youth, full, or better) • The same pair cannot compete in Japan two years in a row. (one of pair ok) • Both players available to attend the International Amateur Pair Go Championship in Japan. Players must pay half of airfare. The balance of airfare, hotel, and meals are covered by the Japan Pair Go Association.

Handicaps: No handicap for the top-seeded teams playing for the trip to Japan. All other teams are handicapped based on average team strength.

Rules: Complete rules are available from Rule booklets will be available during the tournament and upon request.

Prizes: Prizes will be will be awarded to table winners, and top teams will receive special commendation.