9th Annual Women's Tournament

Location Woulfe Alumni Hall
Director(s) Lisa Scott
Eligibility All women and girls
Open or Invitational? Open

The 9th annual Women’s Tournament is a four round handicap tournament which allows female go players to meet and play each other in a fun and competitive environment. This tournament is not automatically rated, but players are welcome to submit their games as they would for a self-paired game. Pairings will be posted and games will begin each tournament day. although participants are welcome, with the permission of the TD and their opponents, to play at any other time during the course of the day. Participants should mark the results of their games on the pairing sheet or email results to lisa.scott@usgo.org.

Time Limits: 45 minutes per player, 3 overtime periods of 30 second each. Alternate times may be arranged by mutual agreement of both players and the TD, but each game must be finished before the next round.

Handicaps: Handicaps will be set by the TD as appropriate, following the guidelines in the Self-Paired Tournament description.

Prizes: Prizes will be rewarded to the top players in each division.