AlphaGo keynote!

We are very excited to announce that AlphaGo team members Aja Huang 7d and Hui Fan 2p will attend Go Congress and give the keynote presentation at the opening ceremony (7/30)!

After the presentation, there will be a short Q&A session. We expect a lot of questions to be asked of AlphaGo team, so we are pre-collecting questions to sort out the most popular and make this Q&A session more efficient.

Please leave your questions at:

Registration Opens!

Registration for the 2016 Go Congress is open!

The organizers of the Boston Go Congress are very excited to welcome all attendees, we’ll be doing our best to provide lots of fun Go activities and an overall great experience.

Please check back regularly for more updates on tournaments, activities, attending pros, and more.

This year, the policy for minors is more stringent, please contact the registrar to make sure that you have completed all procedures before Go Congress.

Walther Chen Director, 2016 Go Congress


Hello Go Players! Welcome to the 2016 Go Congress in Boston.

We are still finalizing many important details, such as housing and registration costs. I’ll get the information, as well as an FAQ, to you as soon as possible.

For the quickest updates, sign up for our mailing list using the above link.

For questions, feel free to contact me using the contact link above.

I’m looking forward to see all of you next summer!


Walther Chen

Director, 2016 Go Congress