If you'd like to participate in these tournaments, please register as a player. Non-players may observe only.

Name Open? Director(s) Eligibility
13x13 Open Jim Hlavka Everyone
9x9 Open Pete Schumer Everyone
City League Final Invitational Steve Colburn Must have qualified
Crazy Go Open Terry Benson Everyone
Die Hard Open Andy Olsen Everyone
Evening League Open Andrew Hall Everyone
Lightning Go Open Keith Arnold Everyone
Pair Go Open Todd Heidenreich Everyone
Redmond Cup Invitational Justin Teng Finalists
Senior Open Greg Kulevich 55-years-old and up
U16 Girls Invitational Jenna Jansen Girls under the age of 16 on August 1, 2017
US Masters Invitational Matthew Hershberger Very Strong Players: 7-dan amateurs and above
US Open Open Matthew Hershberger Everyone
Women Open Lisa Scott Women