Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, my credit card just got a charge from “Go Congress 2013”. Is the that corect?

Good question! We pass the merchant account down from year to year to reduce costs and save you money. You can log into your Congress account at anytime to see your current balance. If you have made a payment and it does not show up in your account, please let the Registrar know. We will then check to see that the merchant account and the Congress sites are in sync.

How do I make a change to my reservation?

We know that we have given you many choices and that you might have just found out your best bud who you want to room with selected an incompatible room choice. Fear not, this is not Go where a stone placed is a stoned played! Just “sign in” to your account and click on Attendee name. This will open your registration form. Review your selections and make any needed changes. Our Refund Policy spells out how we will handle refunds, but we are not going to punish mis-clicks! Just drop the registrar a note if you have a question.

What if I just want lunch as meal plan?

You asked and we responded with a new Lunch Only option under meals! Please read the post on making changes to your account, if you have already registered with a different plan. Meal plans save you money over the daily price (10% for breakfast or lunch only, 15% for breakfast and lunch, and 20% for breakfast, lunch, and dinner). If you want more flexibility, you can always pay for meals from the school one at a time.

If I am arriving on Friday, are dorm rooms available?

We have added a section to the registration to allow you to register for a Friday night room. Please select the same type of room as you selected for the week. You can add optional extra night after you have settled your travel plans.

What is the refund / cancellation policy?

We offer full refunds, minus a $25 cancellation fee to cover the cost of credit card charges and administration, through June 30th, 2018.

One can switch Congress registration credits to another person for a $5 administrative fee.

What other hotels / lodging options are available in the area?

Our official lodging is in the dorms of William & Mary, and we’re very pleased to be able to offer such affordable accommodations so close to our main venue.

But sometimes you might need other options! Here’s a list of area hotels:

You can also find many good options via Airbnb.