AGF Congress Scholarships for Students

The American Go Foundation (AGF) is increasing funding for young people attending the US Go Congress, and is also creating a new set of scholarships for college students. Traditional amounts for kids and teens under 18 were $200 for participating in any of the main AGA online youth events (Redmond Cup, National Kyu Championship, Girls Tournament), and an additional $200 for writing an essay. This year, since there is no Go Camp, the board decided to increase the essay scholarship to $300.

Essay Scholarship

  1. Read more about the scholarship on the American Go Foundation’s site.
  2. Submit your essay by email to

Youth Event Scholarships

If you played in the youth events mentioned above and want your participation scholarship, email your request to

College Scholarships

Participants must be 26 or younger and actively enrolled in college. Graduate and undergraduate students are both eligible. All scholarships are first come first serve, with 20 allotted for the US and 5 allotted to be split between Canada and Mexico.