Single and double room rates are available in the dormitories at W&M.

Room inventories are dynamic, so a type unavailable today may have a vacancy tomorrow.

All dormitories will have air-conditioning, and most are within a 5-minute walking distance from the Sadler Center. Room rates include an 8 night stay with a one-time linen fee of $20 per attendee (already included in the listed price).

The apartments and dorm with private baths are a longer walk to the Sadler Center than the other room types. They are 15 and 14 minute walks respectively.

All rooms come with a linen packet. Each packet includes the following:

Double room rates are the cost for your half of the room; your roommate will also need to pay for their half of the room.

The Suite room type offer a compromise between having your own private bathroom and a simultaneously shared (no lock on the door, but there are toilet and shower stalls) bathroom. In a Suite two or more bedrooms share one or more private bathrooms. There was some confusion between us and the school about the inventory of Suite type rooms as there are two distinct types of Suites in Lemon Hall. About a third of the inventory are “traditional” Suites with two rooms (1 or 2 beds in each) sharing a single private bathroom. The balance are “super” Suites which typically have 9 beds spread across a mix of single and double rooms that share 3 private bathrooms and a lounge. Remember, with three bathrooms, when one is occupied that the other two are “miai” and when two are occupied the move is urgent! The “traditional” Suite room inventory ran out in early June. If you have a strong preference between the “traditional” and “super” Suites, please specify that in the comments section of your reservation. We will give priority to the early registrants to the “traditional” suite even if there is no preference given. 6/12/2018

Apartments are furnished with basic furniture (couch, table, chairs, desks, etc.), full-size fridge, and stove. In each apartment bathroom will be a bathmat and hand towel. Please note that the apartments are about a 15-minute walk from the Sadler Center. The Single option has two bedrooms so it is really like a suite with roommate. The Double option is a single bedroom with two beds. Let us know if you would like an apartment with two bedrooms and three beds (we have a few). A basic cooking and dining set is available for an additional $25 per apartment. It can be selected under the “Parking & Extras” category.

Plan Age Description # Available* Price
Single Room, Hall Bathroom
Double Room, Hall Bathroom
Single Room, Suite Bathroom
Double Room, Suite Bathroom
Single Room, Private Bathroom
Double Room, Private Bathroom
Apartment Single Room
Apartment Double Room
No Room Plan

* Some plans have limited availability. To reserve, pay in full.