From tournament directors to the people who volunteer only a few hours at the front desk, we need your help. The Go Congress would not be possible without the dedication of dozens of volunteers. Please email the congress directors to volunteer at this year’s congress. Thanks!

Contact Us

Title Name Email Phone
AGA Congress Coordinator Lisa Scott lisa.scott@gocongress.org
Congress Deputy, AGA Executive Producer Stephen (Xiaocheng) Hu x.stephen.hu@usgo.org
Congress Deputy, Pro Coordinator, Relay Go TD Audrey Wang audrey.wang@gocongress.org
Registrar Emil Meng emil.meng@gocongress.org
e-Go Congress Open Tournament Director Dan Ritter open@gocongress.org
e-Go Congress Open Tournament Director Milan Mladenovic open@gocongress.org
Blitz Tournament Director Jon Boley Blitz@gocongress.org
9x9 Tournament Dir., Estes Park Congress Director Eric Wainwright eric.wainwright@gocongress.org
Double-Digit Kyu Tournament Director Bart Lipofsky DDK@gocongress.org
Pair Go Tournament Director Andrew Zhang PairGo@gocongress.org
Youth Relay Go Tournament Director Devin Fraze devin.fraze@usgo.org