Beginner's Night

Summer Stage Promo

There will be a national beginners’ night as a part of the 2020 e-Go Congress, organized by the American Go Association. This is a great opportunity to learn Go. No experience or Go equipment is required - this meeting is 100% virtual. All that’s required is the ability to connect to a Zoom meeting.

The meeting is Tuesday, August 4, 8-11 pm EDT/ 5-8 pm PDT. Arrive any time, and stay as long as you wish. Expect to spend about an hour for the introduction and the first game or two.

What should you expect?

  • An introduction to the game of Go.
  • The basic rules of play (Go rules are simple).
  • We’ll take a quick look at some games being played.
  • Play a game! (Suggested: sign up for a free OGS account.)

Note: Links in the graphic to the right are not active, use the links below as needed.

The Zoom link to join the beginners night is available here.

  • Meeting ID: 885 3807 0514
  • Password: LearnGo
  • You can sign up for a free OGS (Online Go Server) account here: With a free account, you can play games with the instructors or other Go players. If you do get an OGS account, sign into OGS before you join Zoom and give the meeting host your OGS user name so they can coordinate initial games for you.

    Check back soon for more information about opportunities for further learning and playing Go.