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Registration is now closed for the 2020 e-Go Congress.

However, if you did not register in time, you are welcome to join the waitlist. If there are openings in their tournaments, individual tournament directors may be able to include people from the waitlist (at his or her discretion). You can find the waitlist here.

Registration is free and open to everyone. All costs are born by the American Go Association.

Registration will close on Wednesday, July 29 at 9pm EDT. After registration closes, interested people may still sign up for a wait list for all tournaments, and the TD may be able to let more people in (at his or her discretion).

All registered people will receive an email with a check-in form by July 30. You can find the check-in form here, but you must have previously registered or your check-in will not be valid.

You must fill out the check-in form in order to play in the 2020 e-Go Congress. We strongly recommend that you check-in by July 30 at 8pm EDT, but will accept check-in forms until July 31 at 8pm EDT. This is to enable us to pair tournaments.

AGA or national association membership is required. For more information, see our FAQ!