General FAQ

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What is the cost of the e-Go Congress?

  • There is no cost for participating in any of the tournaments or watching any of the broadcasts.
  • There is no cost for attending any of the beginner teaching events.

What are the beginner events?
  • These events are designed for beginners (25 kyu or below, especially folks who need to learn the rules!).
  • You do not even need to register for beginner events!

Will my games be rated?
  • Right now, the AGA does not have issue ratings for online games. Although this may change in the future, it will not change in time for the e-Go Congress.

Do I need to enter based on my rating on online go servers?
  • Short answer: no. All ratings will be done by AGA rating. If you have an AGA rating, you cannot enter below that rating. If you do not have an AGA rating, or feel that you are stronger than your AGA rating, then you can use this chart to guess what your AGA rating should be.

Do I have to play in all of the games if I register for a tournament?
  • You do not have to play in all of the games.
  • HOWEVER if you do not let the TD know that you will take a bye for a round (and we recommend waiting for confirmation), then you will forfeit that round. You will then not be paired again until you talk to the TD.

I registered already, but now I need to change my registration. How do I do that?
  • When you registered, you should have received a confirmation email from Google Forms (check your spam filter if you don’t see it). That confirmation should contain a record of what you registered for, as well as a link to change your registration.

What if I haven’t found a Pair Go partner, but I want to play in the tournament?
  • If you are still looking for a Pair Go partner, you can use this form to see who else is still looking for a partner.
  • Note: you provide information at your own risk. The AGA will not provide anyone’s information to this document, nor do we take responsibility for information that is provided. If the document causes problems, it will be disabled.

I’m not familiar with all of the servers you’re using. Where can I learn more abut how to play on them?