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Official Hangouts!

Join us on Zoom!
3-6 PM EDT / 12-3 PM PDT Hangout Session on Zoom, organized by Julie Burrall
9-11 PM EDT / 6-8 PM PDT Hangout Session on Zoom, organized by Julie Burrall

Further Broadcasts

View us live on
4-7 PM EDT / 1-4 PM PDT Chess & Go Collab, with @Clossius and @Vampirechicken

General Assembly Meeting

6-9 PM EDT / 3-6 PM PDT AGA General Assembly Meeting

e-Go Congress Store

Anyone interested in buying merchandise from the 2020 e-Go Congress should check out the official store:

Items for sale include t-shirts (men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes), mugs, lapel pins, canvas grocery bags, and face masks.

AGA Meeting Schedule

  Date Time Topic Convener
Series 1: Public Events and Meetings
Sat, Aug 8
4:00pm EDT AGF Board Meeting Terry Benson
7:00pm EDT AGA Board Meeting Lisa Scott
Sun, Aug 9
6:00pm EDT
AGA General Assembly Meeting For Chapters (Zoom – ask for login)
AGA General Assembly Meeting (For Viewing/YouTube)
Series 3: Special Interest Meetings
Mon, Aug 10 9:00pm EDT AGA Developers Steve Colburn
Tue, Aug 11 9:00pm EDT AGA Website Steve Colburn
Wed, Aug 12 9:00pm EDT Strong Players Meeting Andy Okun
Thu, Aug 13 9:00pm EDT American and AGA Pro Meeting Andy Okun
Series 2: Information Sessions
Sat, Aug 15
1:00pm EDT Pandanet AGA City League Steve Colburn
2:30pm EDT State Championship Information Session Chris Kirschner
4:00pm EDT Chapter Services Bob Gilman
5:30pm EDT Future Congress Leaders of America Lisa Scott
Series 4: Social Meetups
Sun, Aug 16
12pm EDT Life Member Luncheon Andy Okun
2:00pm EDT AGA Current Volunteer Meeting Steve Colburn
3:30pm EDT Volunteer Recruitment Steve Colburn

Beginner's Promo


Introducing beginners to the game is a big part of the 2020 e-Go Congress. Find information for beginners here.

Summer Stage Promo

Teachers, Pros, and Other Summer Online Events

NYIG Internet Go School Promo You can find information about other summer online go events here.

These include In-seong Hwang’s Summer Stage, the New York Institute of Go, and Guo Juan’s Internet Go School.

Tournaments and Events

Looking for information about tournaments and events at the 2020 e-Go Congress? Check them out here.

Broadcast Schedule

We will have a full schedule of broadcasts on Twitch, including game commentaries, lectures from pros, public game reviews, a film screening, and the AGF Teacher of the Year Presentation. The schedule for those events is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have questions about our event? Check out our FAQ page first!