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Small-Group Pro Events

If you would like to get your game reviewed, sign up here! (Group reviews are $35 per person.)

Please send any questions to

Final Round of e-Go Congress Open

The final round of the e-Go Congress Open will take place at 1pm EDT on Saturday, August 8. If you need a bye for Round 4, please contact the TDs at as soon as possible. Stay tuned for pairings!

Support the AGF and Get Better at Go!

Want to support youth and go education? Consider bidding on the AGF auction board at

Song and Poetry Contest

Ever wondered why there weren’t more go songs? Vote on your favorite go-themed song and poem:

Blitz Tournament

For more information about the Blitz tournament, go here. For a tutorial video on the tournament, go here!

Tutorial Video

Standings after Round 3

Round 4 Brackets.

Relay Go Updates and Pairings

To play in the tournament, make sure you have Zoom installed. We will send you a link to the tournament site after you join the Zoom meeting on Saturday (you received a link in your email). Make sure to join the meeting 10 minutes earlier (7:50pm EDT) to better prepare yourself for the tournament. We will close final check-ins on the tournament site at 8:10pm EDT sharp.

Instructions, pairings as well as a graphic walkthrough of the tournament can be found here. Due to uncertainties of an online tournament, we anticipate the final pairings to vary slightly.

e-Go Congress Store

Anyone interested in buying merchandise from the 2020 e-Go Congress should check out the official store:

Items for sale include t-shirts (men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes), mugs, lapel pins, canvas grocery bags, and face masks.

Unofficial Hangout Space

Some dedicated attendees have asked us to post their unofficial discord channel as a place for people to hangout.
Note: this channel is not moderated or controlled by the AGA in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have questions about our event? Check out our FAQ page first!

Beginner's Promo


Introducing beginners to the game is a big part of the 2020 e-Go Congress. Find information for beginners here.

Summer Stage Promo

Teachers, Pros, and Other Summer Online Events

NYIG Internet Go School Promo You can find information about other summer online go events here.

These include In-seong Hwang’s Summer Stage, the New York Institute of Go, and Guo Juan’s Internet Go School.

Tournaments and Events

Looking for information about tournaments and events at the 2020 e-Go Congress? Check them out here.

Broadcast Schedule

We will have a full schedule of broadcasts on Twitch, including game commentaries, lectures from pros, public game reviews, a film screening, and the AGF Teacher of the Year Presentation. The schedule for those events is available here.

Professionals Available for Individual Teaching

If you are interested in individual lessons with professionals, you can find more information here.

Double-Digit Kyu Tournament

Results are a work in progress – stay tuned!