Blitz Tournament

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Tutorial Video

Standings after Round 3

Round 4 Brackets.

Time and Date

  • Day 1: Monday, 8/3 at 1p EDT/10a PDT
  • Day 2: Tuesday, 8/4 at 1p EDT/10a PDT
  • Day 3: Thursday, 8/6 at 1p EDT/10a PDT
  • Day 4: Friday, 8/7 at 1p EDT/10a PDT
Time Settings: 5 minutes main time with 3 periods of 10 second byo-yomi.
Platform: The Blitz Tournament will be hosted on KGS. The KGS Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are available here: If you don’t have a KGS account, sign up here:
Description: Each day of the Blitz Tournament will be set up as a “mini-tournament.” We will play 3 rounds each day. Players will be split into groups of 8. So someone will always win all their games in each group. We announce winners of each group on a daily basis. Each day of the tournament I will regroup people so you won’t be in the same group of 8 people. After each day of games, players’ tournament rating will be adjusted. +1 for each win, -1 for each loss. No player will play at 3 stones weaker than their current AGA rating (if they have one.) There is no upper limit.
Byes: If you have to skip a day, you must request a “bye” from the TD before 8:00p EDT the night before that round. You can email the TD at If a bye is not requested ahead of time and you miss a round, you will automatically forfeit the game.
Handicaps: Games will be even in most sections, with a compensation to white (komi) of 7.5 points. In handicap games, komi for white is 0.5 points.
Rules: AGA rules will be used. Komi for white is 7.5 points.
Prizes: The winners of each group will be announced daily. At the end of the four days, we will declare anyone that wins every single game to be an honorary AI. Top players in each section will receive awards. Award sections will be divided based on the number of participants at each entering rank.
Tournament Directors: Jon Boley (TD), Katherine Xie (Asst. TD)