Relay Go Tournament

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Relay Go Updates and Pairings To play in the tournament, make sure you have Zoom installed. We will send you a link to the tournament site after you join the Zoom meeting on Saturday (you received a link in your email). Make sure to join the meeting 10 minutes earlier (7:50pm EDT) to better prepare yourself for the tournament. We will close final check-ins on the tournament site at 8:10pm EDT sharp.

Instructions, pairings as well as a graphic walkthrough of the tournament can be found here. Due to uncertainties of an online tournament, we anticipate the final pairings to vary slightly.

Time and Date: 8/8 at 8p EDT/5p PDT

Time Settings: 80 minutes per team, absolute time

Platform: The Relay Tournament will be hosted on OGS and Zoom.

  • The OGS e-Go Congress Handbook can be found here.

Description: We will most likely run four games at once.
  • Each game consists of two teams competing against each other in Rengo format (two players from team A vs. two players from team B).
  • Each team has one coach and two people playing rengo at a time. The coach will be in the Zoom study room with all other players to strategize.
  • For more specific rules, please refer to this documentation.

  • Eric Lui and Michael Chen for the top board
  • Michael Fodera and Sichen Zhong for other boards

Tournament Directors
  • TD: Audrey Wang
  • Asst. TDs: William Luff, Milan Mladenovic, Neill Ritter

Handicaps: No handicaps as each team will be pre-assigned by rank

Rules: AGA rules will be used. Komi for white is 7.5 points.

Prizes: Appointed captains of each team will receive awards. Also two Most Valuable Players (MVP) of each winning team will receive awards

Note: This event will be live streamed and commented on by Myungwan Kim and Julie Burrall on Twitch