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We have a variety of prizes this year, including lessons from professionals, as well as certificates for subscriptions to the Internet Go School, ZBaduk, and AI Sensei!

Lessons from Professionals

A number of professionals have offered their services to provide prizes for top finishers in our tournaments. Each lesson will be a private game review/lesson with a single professional for one hour. Professionals who have offered their time include:
  • Feng Yun 9p
  • Yoonyoung Kim 8p
  • Yilun Yang 7p
  • Mingjiu Jiang 7p
  • Eric Lui 1p
  • Ryan Li 1p

Internet Go School

Internet Go School Promo Guo Juan is a 5 Dan professional with a long resume. She is a popular Go teacher, based in Amsterdam, that has been to many of our US Go Congresses and always packs a room. She has a teaching website that features over 1,300 lectures at all levels of play and includes a great progression of lessons even down to the complete beginner level. Importantly, the lessons are accompanied by a Training System of over 13,000 scheduled exercises (a “spaced repetition system”) so that you really learn and remember.

AI Sensei

AI Sensei AI Sensei is a tool that analyzes Go games for you. Once you upload an SGF file, it gets analyzed with strong Go AI in our powerful cloud. Then, you can use our intuitive web board to learn about mistakes and how the AI would have played instead. All reviews are permanently stored, so you can study them again and again, or share them with anybody.

ZBaduk is an online tool to study and review your go game records. ZBaduk uses its AI servers to detect mistakes and to propose better alternatives. You can enjoy all this from your (mobile) browser, without installing anything.