Beginners Teaching Night

Category Activities
Price Free
Location Online
Date 2021-07-20
Leave 8:00 PM
Return 11:00 PM
Attendees 18

Please join us for the AGA National Beginners’ Night on July 20, 2021. The event starts at 5 pm PDT / 8 pm EDT and runs for three hours. All beginners are welcome, and no prior experience is assumed. We’ll help you learn the rules, and play your first few games.

  • If possible, watch the brief (20 minute) Introduction to Go recorded by David Kahn. It will also be shown in a Zoom breakout room during the event, if you don’t have time to watch it before you arrive.

  • At any point before the event, please sign up for a free account on the Online Go Server (OGS). It is best if you pick a username and create a new account, and don’t log in using Facebook or Google.

  • On July 20, join our Zoom meeting (Meeting ID: 885 3807 0514, Passcode: LearnGo). Set your Zoom meeting name to “Your name (OGS name)”. My name will be “David Kahn (dkahn)“.

  • It will be helpful if you also have access to your Web browser while you’re on Zoom, and you’re logged in to OGS. If you are having trouble with OGS or have any questions about it we’ll be happy to help.

Our plan for tonight includes:

  • Provide an introduction to the game of Go, its rules and basic concepts.

  • An opportunity to play your first few games of Go with an instructor and/or each other.

  • Assistance in using OGS, including how to play other people or bots (including beginner bots)

  • Provide an overview of next steps if you want to continue learning Go, including books, meetups (in person and virtual), online resources.

David Kahn, President
Massachusetts Go Association
dkahn [at] massgo [dot] org