Meeting Schedule

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Date Time Topic Convener
Series 1: Public Events and Meetings
Sat, July 24
4:00pm EDT AGF Board Meeting Terry Benson
7:00pm EDT AGA Board Meeting Lisa Scott
Sun, July 25
6:00pm EDT
AGA General Assembly Meeting For Chapters (Zoom – ask for login)
Andy Okun
AGA General Assembly Meeting (For Viewing/YouTube)
Series 2: Special Interest Meetings
Tue, July 27 9:00pm EDT AGA Website Nate Eagle
Wed, July 28 9:00pm EDT Strong Players Meeting Andy Okun
Thu, July 29 9:00pm EDT American and AGA Pro Meeting Andy Okun
Series 4: Information Sessions
Sat, July 30
2:00pm EDT Pandanet AGA City League Steve Colburn
3:00pm EDT State Championship Information Session Chris Kirschner
4:00pm EDT Chapter Services Bob Gilman
5:30pm EDT Future Congress Leaders of America Lisa Scott
Series 3: Social Meetups
Sun, July 30
12pm EDT Life Member Luncheon Andy Okun