Meeting Schedule

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  Date Time Topic Convener
Series 1: Public Events and Meetings
Sat, July 24 4 PM AGF Board Meeting Terry Benson
7 PM AGA Board Meeting Lisa Scott
Sun, July 25 6 PM AGA General Assembly Meeting For Chapters (Zoom – ask for login) Andy Okun
AGA General Assembly Meeting (For Viewing/YouTube)
Series 2: Special Interest Meetings
Tues, July 27 9 PM AGA Website & Tech:
  • Bring your wishlist for things you’d love to see on the AGA website, Games Database, or Congress site
  • Find out about different technical projects currently underway
  • Find out how you can get involved!
Nate Eagle
Weds, July 28 9 PM AGA Strong Players Meeting Andy Okun
Thurs, July 29 9 PM American and AGA Pros Meeting Andy Okun
Series 3: Social Meetups Sat, July 31 12pm EDT Life Member Luncheon/Breakfast Andy Okun
Series 4: Information Sessions Sat, July 31 2 PM Pandanet AGA City League Steve Colburn
3 PM State Championship Informational Session Chris Kirschner
4 PM Chapter Services Lisa Scott & Andy Okun
5 PM Future Congress Leaders of America Lisa Scott

Short description for meetings:
AGF/AGA Board Meetings: These are regular meetings of the respective Board of Directors for the organizations. They discuss and approve goals and policy for the organizations at large.
General Assembly: In-person version of this group where chapter leaders from across the country discuss different topics and items affecting the organization. Past minutes for these Assemblies can be found here.
AGA Website: Find out and ask questions about the website. Any public information will be answered. If there are questions on operations or where to find information this can be helped here.
Strong Players Meeting: For 6d+ players in the organization to discuss issues with the President.
Pandanet AGA City League: Meet the TD, Learn about the next year of the tournament, give input changes.
State Championship Information Session: Meet with the national coordinator and answer questions you may have for running these tournaments.
Chapter Services Session: Meet with the AGA President and Chair of the Board for a casual discussion of issues affecting chapters.
Future Congress Leaders of America: Interested in running a congress one day? Come here to learn what’s involved!
Life Member Luncheon: Are you a Life Member? Come join us for a socially-distanced lunch with fellow Lifers.