If you'd like to participate in these tournaments, please register as a player. Non-players may observe only.

Name Open? Director(s) Eligibility
9x9 Tournament Open Eric Wainwright, Emil Meng, Solomon Smilack Open
Blitz Tournament Open Jon Boley Open
Bob High Memorial Song and Poetry Contest Open Terry Benson ALL
Double Digit Kyu Tournament Open Kevin Chao (kgs: kevinchao), Yixian Zhou (kgs:yixianzhou) DDK (Double Digit Kyu)
e-Go Open Open Dan & Neil Ritter, Milan Mladenovic Open
Leon Chen 4p’s Tsumego Challenge Open Leon Chen (陳禧) 4p, Stephen Hu Open - No signup required
Pair Go Tournament Open Lionel Zhang (ID: tarquin), Andrew Zhang (ID: mustwin) One Female + One Male
Pandanet AGA City League Finals Invitational Steve Colburn Finalists