e-Go Open

Location OGS
Director(s) Dan & Neil Ritter, Milan Mladenovic
Eligibility Open
Open or Invitational? Open

Welcome to the e-Go Congress Online Open! This page contains all the information you need to participate. Please read this page carefully and reach out to the TD at open@gocongress.org with any questions.

An instructional video with a walkthrough of how to find your pairs and create your game will help setup your games.

Round 1 Pairs | Round 1 Standings
Round 2 Pairs | Round 2 Standings
Round 3 Pairs | Round 3 Standings
Round 4 Pairs | Round 4 Standings

Once your game is finished, you must fill out the results submission form.

Online Open Player List

Attention all players! Please check the player list to confirm that you are properly registered. The list is alphabetized by OGS username. Please note that the pairing software changes the capitalization of usernames.

Please confirm that your OGS username is correct, that your rank is correct, and that your round participation is correct (noted in the “Participation” column as + for participating and - for skipping). Ignore the RT and MM columns. This player list was created based on the check-in form. If you are not on this list but should be, it’s because we are missing either your check-in information or your OGS handle.

Please contact the TD at open@gocongress.org with any corrections or additions as soon as possible.

All games will be played on OGS. Please be sure to join the AGA group on OGS so that you are aware of important announcements.

Copy this screenshot screenshot for how to properly format your game. Please be sure to check the pairing sheet for your player color and handicap.

Once the first round starts, a link to the results submission form will also be available here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Tournament Directors at open@gocongress.org

Time and Date

Time Settings: 1 hour main time, 5 periods of 30 seconds byo-yomi (for all players)
Platform: The e-Go Congress Open will be hosted on OGS. For more information, check out the OGS e-Go Congress handbook.
Description: e-Go Congress Open is a four-round, Swiss-McMahon style tournament. It is the main tournament of the e-Go Congress.
Byes: If you have to skip a round, you must request a “bye” from the TD before 8:00 p EDT the night before that round. You can email the TD at open@gocongress.org. If a bye is not requested ahead of time and you miss a round, you will automatically forfeit the game.
Handicaps: Games will be even in most sections, with a compensation to white (komi) of 7.5 points. In handicap games, komi for white is 0.5 points. In the lower kyu sections the TD will assign handicaps based on rank -2. (Example: a 7k and a 5k will play even, but a 5k will give a 9k a two stone handicap.)
Any handicap games will be noted on the pairing sheet. Only play at a handicap if the pairing sheet includes handicap information for your match.
Rules: AGA rules will be used. Komi for white is 7.5 points.
Prizes: Top players in each section will receive awards. Award sections will be divided based on the number of participants at each entering rank.
No-Show Opponents Players have 20 minutes to show up for their game after the start of the round. If they do not show up in 20 minutes, they will receive a bye-loss.
Tournament Directors: Dan Ritter, Neil Ritter, Milan Mladenovic

Please note that OGS usernames will be used for pairing. Once pairs are posted, players will be required to find their opponent on OGS and coordinate with them to create a game using the correct tournament settings.

Pairs and results will be linked on this page. Pairings will go up at least one hour before the start of each round, and standings will be posted as soon as all results are in.