9x9 Tournament

Location OGS
Director(s) Eric Wainwright, Emil Meng, Solomon Smilack
Eligibility Open
Open or Invitational? Open

Announcing the Winners

Dan Division:
1st JtaoOMG Tao, Liujiang 2D 5 wins
2nd E2S Sun, Xingke 5D 5 wins
3rd 大帅sun Sun, Pengyu 2P 4 wins

Single-digit Kyu Division:
1st Hypernova Zhang, Issac 8K 4 wins
2nd Siobhan Hoang, Zhang 5K 4 wins
3rd Itarios Palacios, Luis 2K 4 wins

Double-digit Kyu Division:
1st dl123.2020 Tang, Della 10K 5 wins
2nd Chicago_Will William Seiyo Shehan 25K 5 wins
3rd JBX2010 Huang, Jiankun 10K 4 wins

Welcome to the e-Go Congress 9x9 Tournament! This page contains all the information you need to participate.

Time and Date
* Saturday, 7/17 starting at 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT

Round 1 at 5:00pm PDT / 8:00pm EDT (all times are approximate)
Round 2 at 5:30pm PDT / 8:30pm EDT
Round 3 at 6:00pm PDT / 9:00pm EDT
Round 4 at 6:30pm PDT / 9:30pm EDT
Round 5 at 7:00pm PDT / 10:00pm EDT

Description: Five-round Swiss tournament (the traditional 6-person tables will not be used this year.)

Rules: AGA rules will be used. Komi is variable depending on rank difference. No handicap stones will be used. Time limit is 12 minutes per player, sudden death.


Prizes: There will be three divisions: Dan, Single-digit kyu, and Double-digit kyu. The winners and two runner-ups of each division will receive an award.

Platform: The 9x9 tournament will be hosted on OGS. For more information, check out the OGS e-Go Congress handbook from last year. Please be sure to join the AGA group on OGS so that you are aware of important announcements.

Pairings: All pairings will take place on the Baduk Club website. You must create an account on Baduk Club before the start of the tournament. Use the same OGS username you entered during congress registration.

You will use Baduk Club to monitor your pairings, check-in when ready to start each round, view the results of games, and get chat and video help from the TDs. Once both players have checked-in for each round, an OGS game will automatically be created for you (no need to enter all the game parameters yourself).

No-Show Opponents Players have 15 minutes to show up for their game after the start of the round. If they do not show up in 15 minutes, they will receive a bye-loss.

Watch an Instructional Video, below, of how to use the website.

Questions? Reach out to eric.wainwright@gocongress.org.

There are 123 attendees registered to play in 9x9 Tournament.

Player Name Online Go Server (OGS) Username Rank
Pengyu Sun 大帅sun 2 pro
Anonymous 7 dan
Zhiyuan [edward] Zhang edwardzhang 7 dan
Anonymous 6 dan
Tianyi Chen busizuzui 6 dan
Hejun Cai HJCai 6 dan
Brandon Zhou atlbrandon 6 dan
Eric Yoder redreoicy 6 dan
Jeremy Chiu bughouse 6 dan
Anonymous 5 dan
Qingbo Zhang 江汉思归客 5 dan
Anonymous 5 dan
Anonymous 5 dan
Xingke Sun E2S 5 dan
Joel Kenny Rainbow Dash 4 dan
Moonhun Oh ohmoonhun 3 dan
Anonymous 3 dan
Anonymous 3 dan
Victoria Bu victoria.buaaa 3 dan
Victoria Bu victoria.buaaa 3 dan
Eric Tester CuriousMynd 2 dan
Brian Kirby Brian 2 dan
Anonymous 2 dan
Anonymous 2 dan
Anonymous 2 dan
Austin Harvey Azrail 2 dan
Anonymous 1 dan
Anonymous 1 dan
Eric Osman ericosman 1 dan
Tao Li quantum1 1 dan
Anonymous 1 dan
Anonymous 1 dan
Jeffrey Horn DemiWizard 1 dan
Chris Ainsworth driph Non-player
Anonymous 1 kyu
Anonymous 1 kyu
Haskell Small jamman 1 kyu
Anonymous 1 kyu
Colin Williams lackita-baduk-club 1 kyu
Luis Palacios Itarios 2 kyu
Khang Hoang Siobhan 2 kyu
Anonymous 2 kyu
Xilong Zhang Haishu 2 kyu
Billy Maier billybones 2 kyu
Anonymous 2 kyu
Piotr Milian pmilian 3 kyu
Anonymous 4 kyu
Anonymous 4 kyu
Anonymous 4 kyu
Anonymous 4 kyu
David Spitz Harwich 4 kyu
Andy Hoang Siobhan 4 kyu
Richard Moseson wyvern 4 kyu
Monsoon Shrestha shrestha 5 kyu
Pavel Malyugin LeaSaco 5 kyu
Alex Mitrani alemitrani 5 kyu
Michael Wojcik ehm_jey 5 kyu
Gary Watson gary.d.watson 5 kyu
Kacey Saff kcsaff 5 kyu
Anonymous 5 kyu
Phillip Brix phillip1882 6 kyu
Tevis Tsai LadderWhatLadder 6 kyu
Anonymous 6 kyu
Anonymous 6 kyu
Todd Heidenreich shipshape 6 kyu
Pawin Haruenkwan MeenKung 6 kyu
Anonymous 7 kyu
Anonymous 8 kyu
Anonymous 8 kyu
Raghavendra Murthy Rmrty 8 kyu
Joseph Chaves Origamijoe 8 kyu
Anonymous 8 kyu
Anonymous 9 kyu
Anonymous 9 kyu
David Pesa Schawid Dulze 9 kyu
Anonymous 9 kyu
Richard Newman raindog 9 kyu
Esther Cheng SQ2020 9 kyu
Phee Yong xiang Marcus Phee 9 kyu
Steve Zilber Geckoz 10 kyu
Anonymous 10 kyu
Anonymous 10 kyu
Mike Hawrylycz Broadmann 10 kyu
Anonymous 10 kyu
Adam Anaya sunship 10 kyu
Ajay Dheeraj obliviator1 10 kyu
Patrick Blackstone blackstonep924 10 kyu
Michael Bloom mbtexas12 10 kyu
Jack Schlesinger jackrimonious 11 kyu
Jonathan Strickland djanatyn 11 kyu
Stefan Weissner sweissner2 11 kyu
Anonymous 11 kyu
Andrey Podymov arpodymov 12 kyu
Paul Adamski Pelleas 12 kyu
Tanner Wells tannerwells 12 kyu
Andrew Speno Andis361 13 kyu
Anonymous 13 kyu
Dave bippy Boyer Dave Bippy B 15 kyu
Anonymous 15 kyu
Andrew Neumann apnneumann 15 kyu
Francisco Ribeiro FAR2020 15 kyu
Junxiong Lin linnobita 15 kyu
Chris Ghorbani gobani 16 kyu
Anonymous 17 kyu
Wes Isenhart wisenhart 18 kyu
Conner Matheney A Pimp Named Snapback 18 kyu
Anonymous 18 kyu
Cuyler Walter Newb2go 19 kyu
Anonymous 19 kyu
Anonymous 19 kyu
Chris Friend ChrisFriend 19 kyu
Brandon Sallot TheBroddha 20 kyu
Mari Oshima mGoBrooklyn 20 kyu
Ari Weiner AriDesu 20 kyu
Anonymous 20 kyu
Anonymous 21 kyu
William seiyo shehan Midway go club Chicago_Will 25 kyu
Joy Messer Mojoyfa 25 kyu
Anonymous 29 kyu
Christopher Saenz Ndballboy3 30 kyu
Anonymous 30 kyu
Christopher Saenz Ndballboy3 30 kyu
Anonymous 30 kyu