Professional Go teachers will attend the 2022 U.S. Go Congress. As the list of attending Pros is created, descriptions of them will appear on this webpage.

Due to the difficulty of international travel, it is possible that only North American professionals will be able to attend this year.

** Inseong Hwang is a strong 8 dan amateur who teaches Go for a living, and whose online Go School is very popular in the U.S. and Europe.

9 Registered Pros

Given Name Family Name Rank Country Registration Date
Yilun Yang 7 pro US 05 Apr 2022
Hai Li 5 pro US 26 Apr 2022
Han Han 5 pro US 05 Apr 2022
Ryan Li 3 pro US 20 Mar 2022
Eric Lui 2 pro US 05 Apr 2022
Inseong Hwang 1 pro FR 25 Apr 2022
Alexander Qi 1 pro US 24 Mar 2022
Zhi Yuan [Andy] Liu 1 pro US 19 Apr 2022
Stephanie Yin 1 pro US 20 Mar 2022