Congress Covid-19 Policy

Congress Covid-19 Policy

Covid-19 has prevented in-person Congresses for the last two years. The Congress Directors believe that circumstances have improved sufficiently to allow the event to be held with an adequate degree of safety, provided we take appropriate precautions. The situation will continue to change and need to be closely monitored, and we will modify this policy as we get new information. However, we will need all attendees to follow whatever safety protocols we decide are necessary. Attendees unwilling to follow the congress’s Covid-19 policies may be excluded from events or asked to leave.


We REQUIRE that all attendees age 6 and older have up to date” vaccination status as defined by the CDC . Roughly, “up to date” means that you have been fully vaccinated AND have a recent booster if you are eligible for one, but please see the CDC for details. Exceptions will only be made for legitimate medical reasons, and require a signed note from a doctor. Proof of vaccination (or doctor’s note) must be provided during online registration or sent to the Registrar prior to arrival. Failure to provide such proof may result in your registration being cancelled.

Having had COVID can substitute for a booster (but not for getting fully vaccinated). Please provide documentation of the date of the infection (e.g. a PCR test result).


We RECOMMEND that attendees get a PCR test within 72 hours prior to traveling to the Congress. Home (rapid antigen) tests are less accurate, but better than nothing. If you do get tested, please report your results during registration when you arrive.

Temperature screening and rapid antigen tests will be available free at the Congress. If you are feeling ill or show a high temperature, let us know right away. We hope we will not need to test everyone, but are prepared to do so if necessary, e.g. if there are multiple confirmed cases.


We RECOMMEND that attendees be very careful about masking while traveling to the Congress, especially in airports and on planes or shuttle buses.

Go is a lengthy face-to-face game, so we will REQUIRE masks while playing indoors. The option to play unmasked may be available for games held outside – there will be multiple possible outdoor locations in which to play. But even in an outdoor setting, if one person is masked, we request that the other player mask also. You don’t need to know why the other player is masked - they may be unvaccinated, elderly, immunocompromised, or just nervous. If they’re wearing a mask, consider that as a request for you to wear a mask also. Please respect their choice, and help protect them.

It is not possible to remain masked while eating, so there will be a significant risk of exposure in the cafeteria. Other groups will be using the same cafeteria during the Congress. We REQUIRE that people be masked while going through the food lines. We RECOMMEND that people attempt to eat outdoors; there is outdoor seating for approximately 100 people outside the cafeteria. Try to limit close, extended contact with folks you don’t know well. 6 feet distancing is often not practical, but 3 or 4 is a lot better than 2, and side by side is better than face to face.

Masks should ideally be N-95, KN-95, or (blue) “surgical” or “procedure” masks, worn properly covering both nose and mouth. Recent CDC policy also allows cloth masks. All masks must fit snugly, with no air gaps. Masks with vents are not acceptable substitutes; they protect you, but not others.

If you test positive for COVID while at the Congress

If you develop COVID while at the Congress, the first level of response will be to ask you to “isolate in place”. This may be in your original room, or in another room provided (at no extra cost) by the Congress and the YMCA. You will not be allowed to attend any further Congress events. If your symptoms remain mild, no further action will be needed.

If you require medical treatment or PCR testing, Congress staff will help make arrangements and provide transportation. You will be responsible for your own medical decisions and to pay for whatever medical services are rendered.

Cancellations and Refunds

If an attendee becomes unable to attend the congress due to significant changes in COVID-19 related travel requirements, or documented COVID infection, either at their point of departure or for entry into the US/Colorado, we will refund in full any payments made. This includes any attendees that have been denied a visa application.

Congress may be cancelled if health issues arise that make it inadvisable to proceed. In that case, full refunds will be issued to all attendees.

For all other cases, the standard cancellation rules will apply.

Current Covid-19 Policies

Centers for Disease Control (Select Larimer County in CO)

Colorado Department of Health

Estes Park YMCA