Mobile App

Yapp App

This year at Congress, we are using an app that can be installed on iOS and Android phones. The app will allow you to see a schedule of events, create your own schedule, see profiles of others at Congress, post pictures and comments, and more. The app will update as schedules change and new information is added. Using the app is not required – it is just there to make your Congress experience better and to help you share with and get to know your fellow attendees.

The app is contained within an application on your mobile device called Yapp. It is necessary to have Yapp installed (you might have it installed already from other Yapp apps such as the one used at the Williamsburg Go Congress a few years back).

To install, just go to If you go there on your laptop, you should see a screen like the one below. This screen directs you to the same link, but on your mobile device where you can install Yapp (if not already installed). From there, you can load the Congress app into Yapp.

When installing, the credentials you enter are for setting up Yapp on your device – they are NOT the same as credentials used for the Congress website.


After you install, explore the app on your mobile device. It will change over time as new schedule information is added and other users share event pictures and comments. At the bottom of the app is a green bar that looks like this:


Each icon on the bar is a page in the app that you can navigate to. The ‘More’ icon with three dots will show additional pages.

The ‘Attendees’ page is a directory of others attending the Congress. If your name was on the ‘Who is Coming’ section of the Congress website (and you didn’t select “anonymous”) you will likely be preloaded into ‘Attendees’ with your name, playing rank, and location.


Names are in alphabetical order by last name. If you find your name, you can click on it and ‘claim’ that as your profile. If you aren’t listed, click on the button that says ‘ADD MY PROFILE’ and create your own.

You are encouraged to edit your profile. There is a Bio section where you can say a little bit about yourself – let people know about your interests and hobbies both in and out of the Go world. There is a place to upload a picture, and places for contact and social media information. Only share information that you are comfortable for others to see! The congress does not use or share this information for any other purposes.

When you browse through the Sessions page looking at the scheduled events, you will have the option to add them to a personal schedule. When you have added items to your personal schedule, a small calendar icon with a star will appear in the upper right of the Sessions page. Tapping that will open a ‘My Schedule’ page that shows all the items on your personal schedule. Please note that the schedule is still in flux and a final version won’t appear until about one week before the congress starts!

Please feel free to explore the other content. Follow and participate in the ‘Social Feed’ or share and enjoy ‘Crowd Pics’.

Have a great Go Congress!