All lodging at the YMCA includes breakfast and lunch in the main cafeteria.

On several nights, the congress will host an Asian-style buffet in the main playing room and a Western-style barbeque (BBQ) cookout in an outdoors pavilion. These will be free dinners for all attendees on Monday and Friday nights. There will also be a paid banquet on the last Saturday night.

You will be on your own for dinner the rest of the time. There are several eateries on-site including the main cafeteria (including vegan and gluten-free options), a dining restaurant, and a deli/pizza cafe.

Attendees staying offsite may purchase meals individually at the cafeteria or the other eateries.


The town of Estes Park is a few miles away with more food options.

Please select below if you plan to attend the Western BBQ. (There will be vegetarian and gluten-free options available.)

Plan Age Description # Available* Price
BBQ - Friday, August 7th
BBQ - Waitlist
BBQ - No Thanks

* Some plans have limited availability. To reserve, pay in full.