Cost to attend the US Go Congress for the full week. Includes access to all Go activities including tournaments, simuls, lectures, and workshop. Also includes t-shirt and welcome goodies.

What is the Non-participant registration fee? Anyone who uses Congress rooms, meals, or discounts must be registered at Congress. For family members who are not interested in participating in Go events like tournaments and lectures, the congress offers a much reduced registration fee of Non-Participant for $100 for the week. Non-Participants also get t-shirt and other congress gifts. The guardian of under age youth participants must be registered at congress.

Attendees staying a partial week can also register per day. If you’re playing in the U.S. Open, you must notify the TD the night before to be included in pairings.

Plan Age Description Price
Adult Registration
Young Adult Registration
Youth Registration
Child or Infant Registration
Non-participant Registration
Non-participant - Infant Registration
Adult Registration - Day
Young Adult Registration - Day
Youth Registration - Day
Child or Infant Registration - Day