If you'd like to participate in these tournaments, please register as a player. Non-players may observe only.

Name Open? Director(s) Eligibility
US Open Open Andrew Hall Everyone
US Open Masters Open Kevin Chao Open to professionals and 7 dan amateurs
US Women's Tournament Open Vanessa Sabino Women
Senior Tournament Open Mark Rubenstein Ages 55 to 107
Pair Go Championship Open Lionel Zhang Everyone
Redmond Cup Invitational Justin Teng Finalists
AGA Girls Cup Invitational Justin Teng Finalists
9x9 Tournament Open Pete Schumer Everyone
13x13 Tournament Open Jim Hlavka Everyone
Die Hard Open Jeremiah Donley Everyone
Crazy Go Open Terry Benson Everyone
Lightning Go! Open Keith Arnold Everyone
Self-Paired Tournament Open Rich Newman Everyone
Baum Prizes Open Rich Newman Everyone
Leon Chen 5p's Tsumego Challenge Open Michael Yixian Zhou, Stephen Hu Everyone
Go Bucks Online Open Paul Barchilon prizewinners