US Open Masters

Location Strong Players Room
Director(s) Kevin Chao
Eligibility Open to professionals and 7 dan amateurs
Open or Invitational? Open

The US Open Masters is a tournament for the best of the best, with the biggest prizes and most intense schedule.

Location: Strong Players room

Format: The tournament has seven rounds: Sun at 1pm, Mon at 9am, Tues at 9am, Thurs at 9am, Fri at 9a, Fri at 7pm, and Sat at 9am. Five of the rounds will be held simultaneously with the U.S. Open.

Eligibility: 7-dan, pro, or special invitation

Time Limits: The limit is 90 minutes per player. The overtime boyo-yomi allotment will be 5 periods of 30 seconds each.

Rules: AGA rules will be used. Komi for white is 7.5 points.

Prizes: The top prize is $5,000 for first place, $2,500 for second place, $1,000 for third place, and $400 for fourth through sixth place.

Top finishing players in the US Open Masters who are citizens or resident of US, Canada, or Mexico in this tourney get additional money that is just for North American players. The additional prize is $2,000 for first place, $1,000 for second place, $500 for third place.

Game Recording: The Congress welcomes volunteers to act as game recorders during the tournament. Visit the e-journal office or email to volunteer.

Additional guidelines can be found here.