Join us for the 31st Annual US Go Congress

The Twin Cities Go Club invites you to join us at the 2015 US Go Congress. The US Go Congress is the largest go activity in the United States. It happens once a year and spans one week. Events include the US Open, the largest annual go tournament in the US, professional lectures and game analysis, continuous self-paired games, and all kinds of go-related activities from morning to midnight. We believe there is something for everybody in the Twin Cities where urban settings meet the natural beauty of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes and the Mississippi River. We look forward to seeing you in Saint Paul!

PANDANET - AGA City League

PANDANET - AGA City League Finals To Take Place at 2015 US Go Congress

Funded by Pandanet, the tournament is formatted similarly to the Chinese and Korean City Leagues: Each team consists of three active players, one alternate and one captain, representing a city or region in North America. Players may be either pros or amateurs.

The purpose of the league is: 1. To provide training and competition for the top AGA players, especially the professionals, 2. To promote internet Go using the Pandanet platform, and 3. to create a venue for seeking and encouraging regional sponsorship of Go in North America.

The top six teams were placed into an “A” League and played a double round-robin with each other throughout the year on the Internet Go Server (Pandanet-IGS). Other teams were placed into “B,” “C” and “D” leagues, for a total of 28 teams. The top finisher in the “B” League moves up to the A League after each season, replacing the bottom A League team. This also occurs with the bottom and top of B and C, and C and D. Rules, eligibility, and more information is available on Pandanet’s Website.

The competition created excitement for the strong players, and we hope to attract more interest and regional pride in not only those who already play but also in those new to the game. Consider joining a team or creating one for your area. Cheer them on!

This year’s finalists are Los Angeles vs Greater Washington. The two are the Top finishers in the A League and will face off on Saturday August 1st at 3pm in the strong players room at 2015 US Go Congress. Boston finished third, Seattle fourth, Canwa Vancouver fifth, and San Francisco 1 sixth. Other league results will be posted at the Congress as they were not available before we went to press. Look for the announcement and congratulate all the players.


       Los Angeles Team
       James Kim (Captain)
       Mark Lee
       Evan Cho
       Daniel Ko
       Seung Hyun Hong

       Greater Washington Team
       I-Han Lui (Captain)
       Tim Song
       Eric Lui
       Yuan Zhou
       Jie Li


The Apartments actually have one full bath and one half bath.

Linens are provided for all housing options.

Taxi Service

The Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport (MSP) is about 20 minutes away from the UST campus. Taxi and shuttle service will be available for a small fee. A taxi ride for one person should cost about $22 plus tip. Two or three people can share a taxi and split the fee. It is also possible to make a reservation for a shuttle.

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